The Elevator trilogy

In 2015, in my regular job, my department had to move temporarily from our groundfloor base to the third floor while our work space was refurbished. Most of the time, I took the stairs to reach the third floor. Sometimes, however, I couldn’t be bothered to trudge up six flights of stairs and so I’d take the lift. (It’s what we call elevators in the UK.) I’d stand looking at the display panel as it counted off the floors and then stare at the door waiting for it to open – there was invariably a pregnant pause before it did. While I waited, I’d often wonder, ‘What if the door opens not onto the office but to an alien world?’

This trilogy of long novellas (or short novels) is the result of those musings.

The Elevator

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Coming early 2018: Books Two and Three – Jack’s Tale and The Lord of the Dance.