Christmas Cometh.

December is, as usual, going to be busy. There’s the office party for my regular job (and at least a morning’s recovery period—coping with hangovers doesn’t get easier with age) and the third annual Sam Kates ‘office’ party, where I treat a few close family members to steak and wine and beer to thank them for the help they give me throughout the year. There are the usual festive commitments, like present buying and grocery shopping and cooking and visiting and making merry. And that’s just the Christmas-related stuff.

I have two novels—the sequels to The Elevator—to edit, proofread and format in readiness for January release. My efforts to build my mailing list (see Marketing for Muppets – Parts 2 & 3) are gaining momentum, with a couple of promotions planned for which I’ll need to be hands-on. There’s the new WIP to embark upon. It’s set in 1950 so will require some background research before I start and as I go along.

In short, I’m struggling to fit everything in. Something has to give. Fun though it has been to write weekly blog posts, I’ve decided to suspend them for December. I’ll resume in January, but on a two-weekly basis, rather than weekly. That will ease some of the pressure.

Hmm, that sounds a little whiny, as though I’m bemoaning my lot, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve been part-time in my regular job since late July and am absolutely loving the time and freedom it gives me to write and try to develop my marketing skills. It’s just that trying to produce a blog post each week, on top of spending two or three days in the office, writing, editing, marketing, blah blah blah, was becoming a bind, and I don’t want to turn something that’s so pleasurable into a chore.

So tune back in in January for more posts about favourite books (there are plenty of genres still to cover, including a couple of my favourites: post-apocalyptic and dystopian), the occasional discussion of points of grammar, some more book and film tie-ins (cos they’re fun), and more Marketing for Muppets (hopefully with news that something’s actually working—wouldn’t that be a novelty?).

And if you fancy some dark festive reading, check out Ghosts of Christmas Past, available in e-book format on most major retailers.

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In the meantime, I’ll probably post some promotional stuff and perhaps a few snaps of the office party—hard to believe it’s been a year since the last one. Tempus fugit, as those ancient Romans used to say.

If I don’t see you before, here’s something the ancient Romans didn’t say: have a Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you’d prefer).

Ho ho ho.