Christmas Party 2017

The third Sam Kates office party took place on Friday. I took my brother, elder daughter and wife to Cardiff to treat them to some posh nosh as a way of expressing my gratitiude for all the help they give me throughout the year, or simply for putting up with me.

There was beer.




Later, we braved the cold and headed for Winter Wonderland.

Some of us took a ride on this rather tall ferris wheel.

There was a—not sure what you’d call it—turbocharged merry-go-round? My brother and I, full of bravado and beer, decided to give it a whirl. Rather, we allowed it to fling us around at what felt like something approaching warp speed, while we swore, yelled and clung on for dear life.

There was time for more beer—there’s always time for more beer—and a snap amidst the decorations on St Mary Street, before we called it a night and headed for home.

Thanks for all the help, folks!