Short story collections

As you might have guessed, I love fiction. If pressed, my preference is for the longer form of the novel, but I enjoy reading and writing short stories, too. Here are my pubished collections:

Pond Life: Tales of the Wondrous and the Macabre
While accumulating a bundle of rejections from agents and publishers for my first two novels (The Village of Lost Souls and That Elusive Something), I wrote some short stories and began to submit them to magazines. Much to my delight, in September 2002 Celesta was published in a small-press magazine, Cambrensis (whose passing is still mourned by many short fiction writers in South Wales). I’ll never forget the thrill of holding that magazine in my hands and seeing a story I’d written in print. I’d had book reviews and articles published, but this was my first piece of fiction. It made me feel like a real writer.
Pond Life is an eclectic selection of ten short stories, including that first one, Celesta. The tales are a mix of horror, science fiction, fantasy and general fiction, and include the story containing the ideas that I’d later expand into the Earth Haven trilogy. In case you’re interested, it’s The Third Coming.



Strange Shores and Other Stories
Between finishing the Earth Haven trilogy and starting a new project, I wrote a short story to accompany two which had been sitting on my hard drive for years gathering cyberdust. The new story is post-apocalyptic (yeah, I hadn’t quite got PA out of my system) and joins with a fantasy and a science fiction tale to complete this short collection. They all have one thing in common: the search for lost loved ones.

Ghosts of Christmas Past & Other Dark Festive Tales
Within you might encounter the occasional ghost, perhaps a vampire or two. Oh, and zombies. One tale is set in the Earth Haven universe, at the time of the start of The Cleansing. And there’s a bonus story, one which has previously been published in a Christmas anthology, also set in the Earth Haven universe.

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