Christmas Party 2016

The second Sam Kates office party involved beer, red wine and steak. And a ride on a tall ferris wheel.


Cardiff City Council forked out a lot of money on Christmas decorations in front of the castle. The deer are rather lovely.


The tree looks pretty when illuminated, but is a little lost in front of the imposing edifice and ramparts of the castle. Apparently, whoever was responsible for ordering the tree chose 40-feet for its dimensions instead of the intended 40-metres. Mustn’t snigger.


The ‘office’ consists of me, my brother (who helps in many ways) and my wife (who puts up stoically to being married to a writer). Here’s my brother and I – possibly a little worse for wear at this point – in St Mary Street:


It was a fun day. More importantly, it was a small way of showing gratitude to those who help me so much. Diolch!

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